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Advanced Data Systems, Inc.
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About Us:

Advanced Data Systems, Inc. started life in 1999 as a "one stop shop" IT company for small businesses in the Upstate region of South Carolina

We were everything to every customer.  As such we were asked from time to time to solve a customer's problem that required a custom software application be created.  We found our real love in the IT world was programming, i.e. problem solving via custom software solutions.

We still provide hardware and networking support to those who request it.  We found that being versed in programming has helped us to be better providers in the other areas of IT work.

We now focus on helping small business of one to fifty employees.  Usually this group has managed their business using off the shelf software packages, such as Microsoft's Excel.  Over time as their business grows these solutions become untenable.  That is were we can help by creating a custom software application to streamline their day to day operations and free up employee's time to take on other tasks. 

We continue to grow in our knowledge of software applcation development.  We now provide website creation and something new on the horizon, web based applications.

We look forward to learning about your indu
stry and creating a custom software solution for your business!